When Things Get Busy

When Things Get Busy

We all get to a point in business where it feels like we’re out of time.

And in some ways, this is a good thing.

It means that you’re booking clients and building momentum.

But when you get to a point where you’re booked out with 1:1 clients, it can also be easy to let what’s important in your own business fall to the back burner.

It’s easy to prioritize your clients’ success over your own.

The problem with this is that then you get stuck.

You feel like you’ve hit a ceiling.

It happens when you tell yourself, “I’m fully booked so now I don’t have time to market myself.”

BTW, I was guilty of this myself pretty much all summer, and it’s not a great plan.

Systems can help you get out of this cycle.

When you’re preparing to scale, systems can create space in your business so that you don’t have to choose between serving your clients well and making your own business a priority.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Your clients aren’t more important than your business and your business isn’t more important than your clients. They can coexist.

Everyone can win.

What happens when we set up systems and processes and talk about streamlining is that you can do the same things you’re doing in less time – and often more effectively, more consistently and at a higher quality.

That’s the goal.

What’s the first thing you tend to let slide when things get busy?

That area might just be the best place for you to set up some systems and automations, so that things can keep running (even without you).

Learn how to get started in my free mini-training, “Top 5 Systems for Your Growing Business”.


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