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If someone new joined your team today and asked you to walk them through the way you manage your marketing, could you do it?

Would you need an hour or two to prep (i.e. figure out what exactly you have been doing and pull your stuff together)?

Or do you have a simple, clear document ready to share?

👆 That is the power of having SOPs set up in your business.

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure, and it’s just a business-y way of saying that you’ve documented the way you do things.

And they are super helpful whether you have a team or are still living the #solopreneurlife.

Anywhere in your business that you repeat the same process (even if it’s only occasionally), you can use an SOP.

So the next time you onboard a new client, host an event or plan your content, you have a step-by-step process to follow.

How do you get one?

I’m glad you asked!

I’ve got a new free mini-training that will walk you through the power of SOPs, 5 of my favorite systems for online business owners and a simple exercise to help you decide where to start.

Grab yours now!

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