What are systems anyway?

Today, we’re talking about the basics of systems. Starting from square one. If you have no idea what a system is, stick around! You can read the highlights below or click right here for a more detailed video version.


We’re gonna start at the very beginning, dive deep into what makes something a system and how you can get started with creating your own. And I’m not just talking about your business, you can create super helpful systems for your home too!


Why Do I Need Systems?


When you have a system in place, it tells you what needs to be done, when to do it, and in what order. You also know what tools you need to complete your task. You have everything that you need to implement that process in one place. 


So when your mind starts to wander, you can remind yourself, “Oh, I already have this information in a safe place, I don’t need to go down this rabbit hole right now. I can come back to what I’m actually wanting to focus on in this moment.”


Here are a few big reasons for why I recommend creating, and using, systems. 


Save Your Energy

You can significantly reduce your mental load by not getting stuck going over and over ideas or trying to remember what you’ve already done. You can be more present and focused on your current work.


Save Your Time

Systems can make you more efficient because your tasks, files, and tools are all in one place that you can refer to again and again. No more reinventing the wheel.


Create an Even Better Experience for Your Clients

The more organized you are the better you are able to support your clients. You and your clients will benefit when you present yourself as a super reliable and organized person. Someone who really has their act together and who knows exactly how to help them. 


When your systems are in place you’ve got many of your essential tasks covered. You’re not worried about forgetting something important because you know it’s taken care of. You can actually be present and feel less overwhelmed when you’re not working. 


System = Process + Tools


Write that down! Now, let’s break it down just a little bit further.


Your process is what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. It’s all the steps that you take. You’re also going to have a timeline or deadlines attached to those steps. 


Your tools are any equipment or software that you need to implement the steps in your process.


Here are a few examples of systems that are essential for all online businesses and factors to consider when creating your own systems.


Scheduling and Booking Consultation or Discovery Calls

The steps in your process might include things like responding to a DM or an email that a potential client sends and inviting them to a call. Tools may include your calendar and a scheduling platform like Calendly or Acuity.


Content Creation

Steps in the process can include outlining your topics, writing in your captions or whatever copy you’re putting out there, creating graphics, and then scheduling or posting it out into the world.


Some of the tools that you might use could be Canva, where you can design your graphics, or a project management tool like Trello to lay out your topics and the schedule for your content. 


Onboarding New Clients

How are you going to welcome your new clients and set them up for success? How will you set yourself up for success? What information do you need from them? What information do they need from you? 


Project Management

How are you serving your clients? What are the steps and the stages that they’re going to go through while working with you? How are you going make sure that everyone is getting the full and best version of your service every time?


Invoicing and Payments

How are you going to get paid? How are you going to track your finances as you have money coming in and as you have money going out for expenses?


Managing Your Email

What needs an immediate response? What can be flagged for followup? What ended up in Spam when it shouldn’t have?


Like I said before, you can also create systems for your home. Check out my Instagram or Facebook for some of those ideas!


Don’t forget to document your systems so that they are accessible and repeatable. I speak in depth about this in my LIVE recording, but you can also check out this blog post here about creating SOPs. 


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