Simplify Hiring

Simplify Hiring

You’re ready to hire your first team member.

It feels like a momentous occasion, a milestone, a rite of passage as a business owner.

But what do you ACTUALLY want this person to do for you?

As a VA, let me tell you that so many of my discovery calls are spent just digging through all the things that are stressing out my potential client and trying to get to the bottom of what she actually needs.

Sometimes this solution is me, sometimes it’s not and sometimes it turns out she isn’t really ready to outsource yet at all.

When you decide to start the process of hiring your first or next team member, I want to make it easy as possible for you.

This is where your SOPs come in (that’s short for Standard Operating Procedure πŸ˜‰).

Let’s say you want to hire someone to help with your podcast.

You’ve been doing it yourself, you have a process in place that works for you, but you just don’t want to be the one doing the day-to-day work anymore.

If you’ve documented exactly what you do and how you do it…

βœ… You’ll know exactly what to ask for when you’re seeking out potential contractors
βœ… You can create and share a basic position description quickly and easily
βœ… You’ll attract service providers who can help with exactly what you need
βœ… When you get on the discovery call, it becomes more about personality, communication styles and whether you are a good fit

You can cut to the chase and dive deeper on those discovery calls because you already know what you need.

And that means you’re more likely to end up with a service provider that is a great fit for you.

How amazing is that?!

Ready to get started with systems in your online business.

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