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What are systems anyway?

We’re starting at the very beginning. What makes something a system and how you can get started with creating your own. And I’m not just talking about your business, you can create super helpful systems for your home too!

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How to Streamline and Automate Your Online Business

There are so many amazing tools out there to support your online business that it can be overwhelming to decide which ones you need, which ones are right for you and your business. I’m going to break it down and help by sharing some of my favorite must have automation tools for solopreneurs.

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4 Ways to Feel More Focused

Multitasking used to be a commendable skill. But guess what, it can actually hold you back from staying focused and being more productive! Read on for tips to help focus your attention on one task at a time so you can check them off your to-do list in less time with less stress.

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Simplify Hiring

Simplify Hiring

You’re ready to hire your first team member. It’s a momentous occasion, milestone, a rite of passage as a business owner.

But where do you start? That’s where your SOPs come in.

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What is an SOP

What is an SOP?

What is an SOP? Do you really need one? And how do you get it?

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure, and it’s just a business-y way of saying that you have a clear, documented way of doing things.

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What Can You Systematize

What Can You Systematize?

What can you actually systematize in your business?

Scheduling, content creation, onboarding new clients… the list goes on and on!

If there is something in your business that you do regularly and you can break it down into steps…You can create a process for it!

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