How to Follow Through on Your Plans

Before the start of each new quarter, I sit down to make plans for my business. It’s fun to dream up what could come next and think of how my business can grow.


But it can also feel a little stressful and it’s important to make plans and goals that I can follow through with. 


In this video I’m sharing 4 simple tips to help you follow through on your plans.



We’ve all been there, you sit down and take the time to write out your plan. You have your goals and you know the steps you have to take. 


You’ve got great visions for what you’ll do in the next month or quarter.


But then a few weeks start to go by. 


You get back into the day to day of life, things pop up and you completely forget about the plan and strategy you had in mind.


It falls to the wayside and it kind of just sits there. 


It’s like your dreams and your plans are just rotting away and never actually coming to be. 


That’s not what we want, right?!


Well, today is the day where something can be different!


Here’s a quick breakdown of my 4 “follow through” tips:

Dedicate time to make your plan

Schedule the time and put it on your calendar!

Be realistic about your plan and your timeframe

As you’re making your plan, break it down into what will actually fit into this quarter and what goes on the “later” list.

Make a timeline 

Look through the tasks and assign one or two tasks to each week. This will help you stay on track and not get overwhelmed.

Keep your plan in sight 

Put it in the same place as your regular weekly schedule. If you use a digital calendar tool like Asana or Trello add it in there too.


Envisioning the future of your business is inspiring and with these tips it doesn’t have to be stressful. 


This is going to be the quarter where you will make things happen, I believe it!


⬆️⬆️ Make sure you watch the video for more details! ⬆️⬆️


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