How To Declutter Your Business

How to Declutter Your Business

I don’t know about you, but every year around this time, I get a very strong urge to declutter. Everything. The closets, the pantry, the bathroom, the toys…even my business.

A couple of years ago, I may have even told my husband that all I wanted for Christmas was a dumpster and a week in the basement.

The New Year has a way of putting us into action mode and making us feel like we have to do all the things RIGHT NOW!

But there’s also a deeper reason why the yearly declutter is so appealing.

When my surfaces are clear and my spaces are tidy, my mind also feels more clear.

I feel more calm and at peace when the space around me is in order.

When there is mess and chaos around me, my mind feels messy and chaotic, too.

And I’ve found that this goes beyond our physical spaces.

In my business, I feel more at peace, focused and creative when I have a plan and a clear process to follow through on it.


When you declutter in your business, it looks like creating systems and processes that:

  • Cut out the extra stuff so you can focus on the essentials
  • Automate as much as possible (taking the mental load off of you)
  • Allow you to delegate with ease when you’re ready
  • Put tasks that you do regularly on repeat

I know that you sometimes feel like you need to hold all the information in your brain or it will get lost.

That when the thoughts pop up of things you need to do, deadlines, upcoming client calls, etc. you feel like you need to review them again and again.

Having processes in place takes the clutter out of your brain and puts in into writing.

This way, you can remind yourself that it’s ok not to keep thinking about it.

You already have a plan. (You can even look at it as some extra reassurance that everything is as it should be.)

Imagine how it would feel to stop worrying and overthinking.

To feel confident that the essentials are taken care of, so you can care for your clients (and yourself) even better.

If you’ve been feeling like your business and your brain need a little clearing out and you want to start this year with more focus, peace and creativity, try a business declutter. And let me know how it goes!


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